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Young Star Individual
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Exclusive for youngsters with easy premium, multiple benefits and total coverage


  • Plan allows Midterm Inclusion
  • Premium Payment Options Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly/Yearly
  • The Insured can earn reward points and avail premium discount up to 10%
  • For accident resulting in inpatient hospitalization - 25% additional sum insured
Title Description
Room Rent Limit Single Private A/C Room (Actuals)
ICU Daily Rent Limit Covered (Actuals)
Pre-Hospitalization Expenses 60 days
Post Hospitalization Expenses 90 days
Minimum Hospitalization Period 24 hours
Day Care Procedure Coverage All Day Care Procedures are covered
Automatic Restoration of Sum Insured 100%
Pre-Existing Disease / Illness coverage Covered after 12 Months
Waiting Period for New Policy 30 days
Medical Screening No Pre-acceptance medical screening
Free Health Checkup Up to Rs 3500 for Individual and Up to Rs 5000 for Floater
Ambulance Expenses Emergency Road Ambulance: Subject to an admissible hospitalization claim
New Born Baby Cover Intimation about the new born baby should be given within 90 days from the date of birth. The cover for new born commences from 91st day of its birth.
Daily Hospitalization Allowance Rs 1000 for each completed day of hospitalization subject to maximum of 7 days per hospitalization and 14 days per policy period
No Claim Bonus 20% for each claim free year, Max 100%